Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Recap, before 2010..

A simple recapitulation on my errands..No blogging for a month means too busy to do it.. Waking up early in the morning and sleeping late in the evening, is now a part of my routine, as usual i call it "Job". Well, to review the ff:

1.)My last Yoga in the Park session was in Tasek lama waterfalls. This was last month of August and i still don't know when I am going to have it again. My Sunday shift is obviously packed and loaded..

Really miss u all guys..

2.) Les Mills relaunching and all staff were badly needed for assistance.

And this two lovely ladies on my side is a constant companion..
Quick pose with FZ members and big boss in black cap :-)

3.) Taking a break with a pool party:

and a dinner house party with FZ Filipino members and new found friends..

4.) Beauty got pregnant and gave birth with three lovely babies..

One month after, from right is Smokey, Ebony and Goldy..My new family member. They keep me busy at home too...(mixed Persian cat)

4.) i tried scrapping too..

just reminiscing my two love of my life..

reminiscing my old pics, young and free :-0

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yoga Workshop by Vincent Tam

Day one: Get into the groove with Flow Practice.

We begin with breathing exercises and discussing its benefits.Though some of the poses have been repeated by my previous workshop with a different master, i noticed each master has their own way of doing it. Different techniques have been shared which is very useful.

Far end is Master Vincent giving tips and instructions.


I like this one, it looks so easy, but if you do it incorrectly, you will get injured.You must imagine someone will sit on your back leg hamstring while you resist your leg to push upward and keep front knee perpendicular to big toe. In this pose you must also imagine,as if you stretch the mat apart while using finger tips, fully activated pressing against the mat,to give that uplifting feeling and reap all the benefits.

This was fun. Hand to big toe, standing balancing pose, while holding on to the shoulder of a partner for support.

Photo with Master William in pink shirt, organizer and owner of Om Place studio.

Day Two: Flying High Flow..

This includes various arm balances, headstands and handstands. Techniques on how to do it and how to spot. Fast paced flow interesting series of movement also been performed.

Reclining Hero. This is only applicable for those who are comfortable with the pose, fun too..

Master Vincent explaining, how to prevent wrist injury. One must focus on each finger path. A properly and evenly spread fingers on the mat is a must, while palms fully activated and put the weight on it. A nice soothing massage in partnering for the wrist to relax, after heavy arm practice is also been demonstrated.

Photo with Master Vincent in stripe(sitting) and Master Jac Fang my ex employer and Yoga mentor in long sleeve white. There is one thing i also enjoyed most in the workshop like this, its the chance to meet highly educated and good people around you. Meeting old friends and found new one.
So far, the workshop was a success and a very wholesome environment. Just like my other previous workshop, you are always been surrounded by friendly- low profile fellows. Stress free indeed. As what Yoga masters said, "A True Yogi, Never Show Arrogance In The face"..

My heartfelt gratitude, to first and foremost, Master William who organised the workshop. To Master Vincent who spend his time to fly Brunei, all the way from Kuala Lumpur just to share his knowledge and expertise..To Mr. Wu Chun, Fitness Zone director, my present employer who fully supported and sponsored us(together with co instructors) to attend to this event, thank you so much..

For more info about Master Vincent profile just click

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

I always refused to see devastating news, because it always affects me badly. I just maybe simply want to escape to be sad, angry and most of all feeling guilty. Our country is always been bombarded with calamities of nature, politics issues, poverty and any kind of news that actually made me stress, when i heard of it.

This one reminds me of my last experience at typhoon "Ruping", we back 19 years ago.Watching over this video still made me shiver and can't help but cry. Soaking wet and frozen hiding somewhere safe, that's a hell of a one sleepless night. But this one is worst.Cebu City where my family is, so far not affected, but it always still scares me anytime soon another typhoon will come and will never know where it hits again.

Eleven years in Brunei, i felt lucky this time, never experienced such a tragic moment anymore. Yet, guilt overwhelmed me.I am not rich, but i sleep in an air conditioned bedroom, ride a nice car,wear branded outfit, trying to skip meals not to get fat, work and deal with rich good people around me,everything i see is just beautiful and nice. While in the outside world, at this moment in time my fellowmen struggling to survived,no shelter, food and maybe some of them lost clothing..

More than words that i can say, hope and pray everything will be alright sooner..Don't give up my beloved country!